Most of the people wait throughout the year for the winter season as they love this cold and calm weather. Still, certain people have a fear of winter because of its chilly breezes and cold temperature. However, kids love the winter season because they get winter holidays from their schools. Here we shall discuss the 10 best activities for kids during the winter holidays. Kids want to get entertained during holidays as they can’t stay at home by keeping their windows closed. They need some delightful and enjoyable activities either inside or outside the house that makes them glad.

Winter holidays may be a challenging period for parents. So, they try to find out the best activities for kids during this period that can not only entertain their kids but at the same time, they can educationally inspire their kids. These activities can keep your children busy and pleased both inside as well as outside the house throughout their winter holidays and not get them bored.

Do your kids deliberately wait for the winter holidays? Are your kids looking for fun activities in these days? While winter holidays are much desirable for your kids, but it can be challenging and stressful for parents. So, they want those activities for kids during the winter holidays that are fun-oriented and within their budget as well. In this article, we will give you some of the fun activities and ideas that can amuse your kids.


In Pakistan, traveling is one of the best activities for kids during the winter holidays. In the winter season, the hill stations covered with snow so, you can go to various places like Murree Hills, Azad Kashmir, NathiyaGalli, etc. where you can enjoy fresh and snowy weather. Also, you can do ice skating there. It would be best if you searched for skate rentals and their timings. 

2. Winter Craft:

Keep your kids engaged in arts and crafts, i.e. snowman, snowflakes with glitter and chart papers, etc. Craft making will keep them occupied for a long time and can develop a creative sense among them. Consequently, they become more creative in their studies and life as well.

winter activities

3.Info-Session in winter Holidays:

Make the winter holidays delightful and learning sessions as well for your kids. You can teach them about significant events that take place during these winter holidays, their background and importance, i.e. Quid-e-Azam Day, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. This info session will boost their general knowledge and maintain their productivity during winter break.

4. Visit Museum:

You can visit the army museum, science museum or art galleries with your kids during the winter holidays. These are the places where they can entertain, pleased, amused and get knowledge as well.

5. Bonfire in winter holidays:

In a hill station, you can make a bonfire and enjoy the cold weather with your family and music as well. Kids love dancing and have fun there, but you have to be careful about your kids due to fireworks.

6.Delicious Food:

Prepare some delicious food at home; combine all the family members to eat together and enjoy the in-house family party. Homemade baked items like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, etc. are also a relatively good option which your kids like the most.

7.Local Holiday’s Celebrations:

Many places, i.e. malls celebrate various occasions and offer discounts as well for their shows and shopping items. Go there with your kids and attend their celebrations. Your kids love them and enjoy a lot there during the winter holidays.

8. Volunteer Work during winter holidays:

Volunteering is an excellent practice of closeness and bonding with others. Through any volunteer work, your kids can learn about kindness and help others to fulfill their needs.

9. Go for a Movie:

You can go to a funny movie with your kids that amuse them as they love to watch entertaining videos. You can also arrange a movie night together with your family at your home that will save your money as well.

10.Redecorate Kid’s Room:

During winter holidays, you can also do a makeover to your kid’s room along with them. You can redecorate their bedrooms with new accessories or rearrange the old ones. In this way, they learn to keep their rooms creative and clean.

Winter season is challenging to go outside, but kids want some excitement and fun inside and outside the house. So, these high quality and low budget fun activities for kids during winter holidays give you various ideas for the fun and entertainment for your kids during their winter break.


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