10 best indoor plants

10 Best indoor plants

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A home is a place that is meant for the living of a family. Indoor plants also become like a family member and improve our life quality.To sustain a healthy and happy life a comfortable and healthy environment is very important. Here is the list of the 10 most beautiful and healthier indoor plants that would make your home a complete look.

Home gives you an ultimate sense of protection, perhaps it’s the most attractive feature of the home. A person always wants to come back to his living place no matter wherever he is. We can say, serenity is a synonym of home.

Home is not only a reflection of an individual’s personality but also completes his personality. We always like to invite our guests to our homes and to welcome them, we pay special attention to cleaning and decorating our houses. 

Usually, ladies are more concerned and responsible for home décor. They want everything up-to-date. The furniture must be the latest, the curtains must be matching, carpets must be trending, show-pieces should give a unique and traditional look. Indoor plants are another aspect of home decor. Indoors plants have a list of benefits that make them worthy to put in different corners of the house. You can place them in the TV lounge, sitting room, drawing-room, dining room, kitchen, main hall, lobbies, and walkways either anywhere in the house, to blow fresh and fragrant air in the home.


As we all know that plants are the main source to proceed human life. We inhale oxygen produced by plants and exhale carbon dioxide that in turn is absorbed by the plants. The cycle goes on to continue human and plant life simultaneously. The main advantages of indoor plants are as follows:

  1. The modern era is full of technology and we are living a life depending on machines. The home appliances include CFCs which pollute the air inside the house. So, if the indoor plants are part of the house, they keep on absorbing the carbon dioxide and oxygen and keep on flowing to keep a fresh environment.
  2. The toxins from the air remove and it enhances mental as well as physical health. They improve concentration while working, sound, and deep sleep, and present a pleasant sight.
  3. With the help of indoor plants, the chances of falling ill are reduced, while tension and stress are also released.
  4. The freshness of plants improves creativity, in fact, overall the lifestyle leads to a positive dimension.

Variety of Indoor Plants

There is a vast variety of best indoor plants you can select for the interior designing of your home, and the place you want to embellish. Here are some suggestions of indoor plants for you:

  1. Money Plant:

It is the most common plant that can be seen almost in every house. There are ways of keeping it indoors. You can either hang it or place it in a glass bottle, but because it is a vine plant, so it goes best while hanging. It has yellow-tinted leaves that grow quickly. It is undoubtedly a perfect option to purify the environment along with presenting a charming look.

indoor plants

2. Chrysanthemums:

If you are looking for flowering indoors here nature presents Chrysanthemums to you. It has large flowers in bright colors. One important thing to keep in mind is to place them in a bright spot that must be away from direct sunlight. The plant grows best in moist soil. So, if you want to combine beauty with purification you can go for chrysanthemums to keep indoor. It purifies toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

3. Rubber Plant:

It is also known as fiddle leaf fig. The rubber plant is the most common in-house plant with large deep green leaves. There is a special thing is that can be grown according to your desired length. If you can keep the plant in sunlight it will grow best, but make sure that sunlight is not reaching directly to the plant. The plant adores bright light but there should be a see-through curtain to avoid strong sunbeams. If you want them in smaller lengths keep them in small pots. It takes less water. The mixture of “one part peat, one part pine bark, and one part coarse sand (or perlite) is the best mixture.

The rubber plant requires different environmental conditions in different seasons. In the initial stages of growth it requires more water, leaves should be wiped with a moist cloth and can be misted. In the dormant season, rubber plants need water just twice a month. If the plants are turning yellow or brown it is an indication of over-watering.

Fertilizer is also necessary for the growing season. Pruning is not much required, just removing the dead or dying leaves is enough. Changing pots is also important for the growth of the plant. If the pots are not changed the plant may not grow. But keep in mind that the pot is not much different in size from the new and previous pot. Shift the plant in a pot that is just an inch or bigger than the previous.

4. Peace Lily:

As its name suggests it is a peaceful indoor plant. It requires very low maintenance. Furthermore Peace lily is a flowering plant. Charming white flowers are produced by the plant, making it perfect for keeping indoors as it will beautify the home as well as purify the air. Another amazing feature to take into account for them is the flowers keep on blooming throughout the year. They require low intensity of light and warmth should also be below room temperature. These conditions are best for them to endure.

5. Bamboo Palm indoor plant:

This is a palm tree that is perfect for indoor keeping. It grows straight up like bamboo. Put the plant in a place where it can have indirect sunlight and shade also don’t forget to water the plant regularly.

6. Aloe Vera:

The plant is best known for its vast health benefits. It nourishes hair and skin. Relieves several pains like joint pain and other aches. Aloe vera is super beneficial for the stomach. Along with unlimited health and healing advantages, this member of the cactus family also purifies the air. It can be kept inside the house because it can grow by consuming the least amount of water and a favorable amount of sunlight. It is best to keep in houses because it cleanses the by-products of paints and cleaning chemicals.

10 best indoor plants

7. Snake Plant:

The plant seems like a snake. If you want to eliminate the humidity in your bathrooms, place a pot of snake plant in there. It can survive in low as well as bright light. This plant can be found easily and also it grows conveniently. It can be grown in low light and it is perfect if you clean your house from benzene and formaldehyde. It is also perfect for placing it in the bathroom.

10 best indoor plants

House plant

8. Heartleaf Philodendron:

This plant can easily stream over shelves and slide along the surfaces. Put it in bright but indirect light. Let the soil get dry while watering. If the plant is occupying too much space, you can trim it. In this way, the growth will be thicker on the top.

9. Purple Shamrock:

The plant has a unique feature, it has dark-colored leaflets on trifoliate leaves. The pattern looks like a butterfly that closes it” swings at night and when the sun rises the next day, the folded leaflets unfold themselves. It is a plant that will grow best in bright indirect light indoors. It’s necessary to put the plant away from sunlight because intense sunlight can burn the leaves. In winters, the leaves may get long-limbed, trim it in the spring season to ensure new growth.

10. Spider Plant:

The reasons for the popularity of the plant are: it is tough, it can be an amazing hanging plant. The strapping varicolored leaves stream over the corners of the pots, and the grown-up plants’ structure compact and tufted plantlets that swing from elongated stems. You can easily share the plant with others. The plantlets that have grown good roots can be just put in the soil to grow a new plant. This plant should be placed in bright indirect light and needs to water when the top of the soil is dry.

10 best indoor plants

Tips to take care of indoor plants

Here are some useful tips to keep these indoor plants growing the best and taking maximum benefits. Although all the above-mentioned plants need little water and sunshine to survive, still they need a bit of care.

Water them on regular basis:

There is an amazing thing about the indoor plants that they do not need a lot of water. The most appropriate way to keep these plants hydrated is by maintaining the level of water in the soil. Touch the soil in the pot to check whether it’s moist or not. If it’s moist then it’s enough to keep your plant healthy but if it’s not, water the plant.

Enough sunlight should be provided:

In Pakistan, we experience an intense summer in which sunshine is at its apex. So, putting the indoor plants directly in the sunshine can burn them. Choose an area that is sufficiently provided with sunlight but relevantly cool. A shady area with indirect sunlight is best. If you do not have a place to put the plants on the floor you can choose a shaded wall to make up a vertical garden.

Fertilize and keep on changing the pots:

As we keep the indoor plants in pots with a minimum amount of soil in them. Plants are bound to take that limited amount of nutrients present in the soil. It is necessary to re-pot the plants and add new soil so they can gain enough minerals. Fertilizing the soil already present in the pots is another option if you cannot re-pot the plants.

Keeping these indoor plants in the house is very important if we take their advantages, into account. They keep the home’s air purifier. Gives a light and peaceful environment. They keep the inhabitants fresh and healthy.

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