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layering cloths
How to wear Layering Clothes Like a Fashion Expert
It will take some time to figure out what works best for you in terms ...
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Spicy Mutton Roast|Special Recipe for Eid ul Adha
The preparation of the spicy mutton roast recipe for Eid-ul-Adha Mutton is a significant part ...
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Ms marvel
‘Ms. Marvel’ depicts Muslim superhero as a typical Pakistani American teen
'Ms. Marvel' series is on aired and getting popularity among viewers. The main character Kamala ...
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100 most beautiful faces
Five showbiz stars, nominated for the world’s 100 most beautiful faces.
Five stars from Pakistani showbiz industries have been nominated for the world's 100 most beautiful ...
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Enjoy These 7 Italian Pasta recipes at home
Don't we all enjoy eating Italian pasta when we go out? There's something about a ...
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seth abid daughter
Seth Abid’s daughter has found dead in her Lahore home.
Late Seth Abid, a well-known businessman's daughter, has found dead at her home in Lahore's ...
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anita karim
Anita Karim scored another important decision victory
Another one, Alhumdulillah 🇵🇰👊🏽♥️All praises to the Almighty☝🏽and a big thank you to everyone who ...
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dressing table
Modern Dressing Table Designs for your Bedroom
Now is the ideal time to give your dressing table some much-needed attention. If you've ...
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Saba Qamar surprises with daily stunning pictures
Saba Qamar is one of the most glamorous artists in Pakistan Showbiz. She was born ...
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summer vacation
 Summer vacation ideas for family|2022
Last year in summer everyone was bound to stay at home and restricted to meet ...
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mehndi design
33 Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion – 2022
In our tradition, mehndi has a long history. Women are recognized for boosting their looks ...
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mango Ice-cream
Mango Ice-cream recipe to Make for Mother’s Day
This Mother’s Day, make for your mom a hearty dessert to boost her energy and ...
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Dua Zehra has found in Lahore, soon to be met with parents
A teenage girl Dua Zehra, who went missing on April 16 from Karachi, was found ...
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DUA zehra
Dua Zehra Kazmi, a missing girl from Karachi, has yet to be found
KARACHI: A 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra has reported missing in Karachi's Alfalah Town on Tuesday, ...
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family matching dresses
Family Matching Dress Designing Ideas for Eid
Wanna do something different this eid? Let's plan for family matching dresses. Eid is a ...
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