anita karim

Anita Karim scored another important decision victory

After three action-packed rounds, Pakistan’s first female MMA competitor, Anita Karim MMA, wins a unanimous decision over Australia’s Uyen Ha. She won the fight from start to end, hitting a slew of vicious straight lefts.

Anita Kareem belongs to Pakistan’s northern region, and she defies all gender preconceptions. She is from a small village where only a few females traveled to various places for school. After a catastrophic injury, Anita moved to Pakistan’s federal capital to study alongside her brothers. Her brothers are always there for her, whenever she is in danger. They put in their best effort for practice and exercise. Anita continues to train with her brothers. And her parents and the entire community paid homage to her when she went for the MMA bout. She is currently a role model for Pakistani females.

Let me remind you that Anita Karim is one of only a handful of ladies in the world who has competed in Bangkok’s world-famous Lumpinee Stadium.

Anita Karim had a proud moment. She is the first female MMA athlete. She represents a social system that is always encouraging girls to pursue education, careers, and basic rights. Women have made tremendous progress in challenging fields, and there are no barriers to employment, so we are proud of our country.

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