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Basic yoga methods for beginner and their benefits

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Yoga is a disciplined way of attaining a goal that consists of different methods of controlling the body and the mind. It gives us physical and mental strength, which makes us healthy and active. Here we are going to discuss basic yoga methods for beginners and their benefits. It aware us of spending life by the dint of mental and physical skills. Though Yoga exercises have been changing as per the circumstances for thousands of years, it has always helped man know his hidden powers.

In the first part we discussed;

  • Benefits of yoga exercises,
  • The best environment for performing yoga
  •  The warm-up exercises before going through the actual exercise
  • Precautions of Yoga

In this part, we shall discuss the methods of Yoga. 

  • Girish Method

Photo by Alexy Almond

First step

In this yoga method, bring your both toes close to one another. Close your both hands palm, place them at both knees, and put pressure on them. This process is a little painful but after little effort, it becomes equal to the ground and painless.

Second step

Now spread your chest towards the front and keep your face towards the front. Stay in this state for three minutes.

Third step

Rest for a while, separate your feet, and spread in front of you. Take a long breath.

Now do these yoga methods twice more as you did in the beginning.


If the knees cannot be parallel to the ground in the beginning, Put equal pressure on both sides slowly and gradually. Jerks and tightness may cause harm to muscles. Which is painful and needs treatment. Secondly, inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth during the exercise.


With this yoga exercise, the joints and muscles of the legs become strengthened.

  • Cobra Posture

basic yoga methods

Photo by Burst

First step

In this yoga method, lie on your back and let your body relax. Now place both hands side by side in such a way that the fingers of the hands are facing forward. While the toes of the hind toes should be placed in the opposite direction of the body. Now, at hands insistence, lift the upper body from the navel upwards until the elbows are perfectly straight. Now pull towards the back of the neck and try to see the back wall or space.

Second step

Stay in the same state for one and a half minutes. Then slowly return to the same state and breathe to leave the body completely relaxed. Repeat the behavioral process twice more.


Take short breaths and try to hold your breath as much as possible. Keep the fingers of the hands facing forward, and the toes facing backward, while the elbows should be straight and the body should be close to the ground and the body should be above the navel, just like a snake. If you are older and have a large spine, do not do these exercises at all, but do fixed spine or lying exercises.


The adrenal glands, which are slightly higher than the clusters, are strengthened. For those who are short and younger than 25 years of age, this exercise can significantly increase their height.

It also stimulates the Parathyroid glands which are present behind the neck and its job is to provide the most important amount of calcium and phosphorus in human beings. In addition, the adrenal glands are strengthened and their functions are greatly enhanced. This exercise is very effective for complaints of kidney problems and water. If the chest is wide and beautiful.

Cobra is one of the yoga methods that is a very useful exercise for women as well as for men. It relieves back pain by activating the spinal cord and treating people suffering from chronic pain who are not working on their entire spine. It is effective in treating diabetes and stones.

  • Air Exhale Posture Procedure

1st step

In this yoga method, spread out your feet in front and lie down straight. Now bend the knee of the toe and lift it towards the chest in such a way that the heel of the toe joins with the thigh. While the other foot should be straightened in the same way. Now lift your face upwards and touch the chin with a knee.

basic yoga methods

Photo by Alexy Almond from Pexels

Second step

Now close both hands over the knee in such a way that the fingers of both hands make their grip above the lower arm. Stay in this position for one and a half to two minutes. In the same way, after the right, bend the knee of the left foot, lift it towards the upper chest, and lift the face forward. And touch the chin with a knee for an hour and stay in this position for one and a half to two minutes. While in this process the right foot will stay straight.

 Third step

Take a rest for a while. After that stay both legs together and Lift to the chest and make sure the toes are bent forward or down. Now, in the manner described above, with the help of both hands, make a closure in such a way that the fingers of both hands create a strong closure with both arms. Lift the face upwards and touch a little with the knees. Now stay in this position for about one and a half to two minutes.

Fourth step

Get back to your normal state by slowly relaxing your hands and taking a deep breath. This is how one set of exercises is completed by combining both the right and left sides of the exercise. Complete a total of three sets of this exercise following the above method. Relax after each of my actions.

Benefits of this yoga method

This exercise helps to get rid of constipation. It increases appetite and keeps away from gas complaints. In this way, this exercise is very useful for patients with gas and stomach, especially for patients with hemorrhoids and ulcers.

  • Plouge Posture Procedure

First step

Lie down with both hands together. Be sure both hand palms touch the floor while fingers are matched together.  Now join both legs and lift the knees upwards so that the knees do not bend. Now bring the legs above the face and place them on the back of the head. Make sure the toes are bent and the thighs are straight.

Second step

The back will be exactly parallel to the neck and hips. While both hands will remain in place, which was in the initial position, in this state, stay for about two and a half minutes.

basic yoga methods

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Third step

Now return to your original position. Lie down as before. In this yoga method, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. After repeating the breathing process in a few seconds, repeat the e-exercise twice more.

Fourth step

Keep the legs together and keep the patches straight, lift them straight from the front, and gently bring them from the top of the face and head in the form of a straight line. All these yoga methods lead us towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Knees cross Procedure

First step

This is also one of the famous yoga methods, spread both legs forward and bend the left foot and keep it parallel to the ground with the thigh joint so that there is a 90-degree angle between the two legs.

Second step

Now make a grip of fingers around the toes.  In such a way that both the elbows are straight from the shoulders. Then try to kiss the knee by tilting the upper body forward and stay in this position for one and a half to two minutes.

Third step

In the same way, you can bend the legs and keep them together with the thigh joints and follow the above procedure. Now get back to your normal state.

Afterward with both hands make a block between the soles of both feet with the help of fingers and try to keep the head connected with the knees, while slowly bending the body.

Then slowly release the grip of the hands, lift the body to its original position and lie down straight and breathe for about a minute.  Then, in the same way, repeat this exercise, according to the above-mentioned method.

  • Arrow bow posture

First step

sit with both legs spread forward. Now bend the knee of the left foot and place the toe over the right thigh. Hold the curved toe firmly with the help of the five fingers of the right hand. Keep in mind that the toes of the spread toe should be bent or bent towards you while the toe between the two feet and hands becomes a form of crookedness.basic yoga methods

Second step

Now straighten the body and bring the chest and hips to the front and try to apply the curved left thumb upwards with the help of fingers. Secondly, The left hand, which is parallel to the spread leg, should be straight at the shoulder.

Third step

In the same way, keeping the left foot straight, bend the right foot, place it on the thigh and hold the front of the right foot with the fingers of the left hand. Then the outstretched left toe lying down with the five fingers of the right hand, lift the curved right toe with the help of the hands and apply it to the left earlobe.

Point to be noted

These are the few yoga methods that we have discussed here. It should be kept in mind that all exercises should be performed according to health. Especially before performing hard exercises, we should consult our Doctor.

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