Top Benefits of Yoga That You are Unaware of!

Top Benefits and precautions of Yoga

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Are you aware that yoga and asanas are way more productive than any other exercises? If not then, let’s delve into this post deeply and discuss the benefits of yoga and what a healthy lifestyle is with yoga and asanas.

What is Yoga

Yoga is the name of an ancient exercise. Yoga is the exercise that consists of physical and mental discipline which makes us healthy and active. It aware us of spending life by the dint of mental and physical skills.

Though Yoga exercises have been changing as per the circumstances for thousands of years, it has always helped man to know his hidden powers.

Word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit, which means to make the man able to understand the life of discipline so that he can enjoy life. Yoga exercises can be performed at any age.

It is the most ancient skill to motivate mental and physical development. The simplest way of learning Yoga is to perform the exercise again and again.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is not only the name of exercise and movement but it consists of a complete doctorate. Which consists of two-level initially that have three thousand exercises.

It cures almost all diseases, like, HCG, HBP, stones, Hight issues, heart diseases, piles, flue, Obesity, ENT disorders, Hair fall issues, Complexion, and beauty issues. With the help of Yoga exercise and movement, you may make yourself active, attractive, and youthful forever.

You may increase your youthful life up to years by performing yoga exercises. A person who performs yoga regularly does never become a victim of physical disorders.

There is no side effect of Yoga exercises. These exercises increase the functionality of the body parts. It strengthens the immunity to fight against the disease. Due to regular Yoga exercises, the body becomes smart and beautiful. It also saves us from internal diseases.

Yoga is A Need for The Contemporary Lifestyle

A significant quality of Yoga is that people of every age, from kids to old can do these exercises. People who belong to any gender may get benefits from it accordingly.

Today while man is habitual of luxurious life, he has to cope up with many challenges, Man can have the best results in little space with little effort. Due to busy schedules and congested living spaces, people have the only choice to do indoor exercises, that Yoga is the best choice for that. It makes us healthy and happy.

Yoga is A Need of The Contemporary Lifestyle

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Before doing any exercise including Yoga, it is necessary to prepare your body. In other words, warm-up exercise is the process that increases blood flow.

In other words, warm-up exercise is the process that increases blood flow and body resistance. And it is very important to do before performing any exercise. Warm-up exercises made it easy to perform any hard exercise.

10 Precautions Before Starting Yoga

It is very important to follow these instructions before starting Yoga.

  1. The place should be clean and airy, where you are doing Yoga. Don’t use any seat or chair, but these exercises should be performed on hard and plane surfaces, on the carpet, or exercise mates.
  2. Wear a soft and stretchable dress. Avoid loose and warm clothing.
  3. All exercises affect you better when you perform them with an empty stomach or before breakfast. And have healthy food after exercise. Like, fruits, fresh juice, or milk. Though it is not compulsory to do Yoga early in the morning. But you can do it four hours after lunch also. Yoga exercises should be performed only once a day.
  4. Breathing exercises and exercises for internal peace should be performed where there is no noise. There should be complete silence.
  5. Pause and break between exercise is very necessary. For each exercise, there is a specific and similar time period for pause which should be followed.
  6. During intervals of exercise, it is necessary to relax the body, and have a deep breath. Inhale air through the nose, collect it in the lungs, and exhale it through the mouth. It is the most important part of Yoga. It maintains blood pressure. Deep breathing early in the morning is very good for blood flow.
  7. Perform light exercises before doing actual Yoga exercises, to warm up your body. Do all exercises with full attention and confidence. And learn all rules and regulations of exercises before performing.
  8. In the beginning, never press or jerk any body part. Contract your body only as much your body can bear. Slowly and gradually make changes according to the right method.
  9. If you don’t get results, in the beginning, don’t be panic. But continue the exercise. Actually, few people have hard muscles, that need more time to face new activities of the body. Such people should massage their bodies before performing the exercise to soften the muscles. They should also practice softening their muscles.
  10. During different exercises, there should be a pause or break of one minute. During the break, lay down straight on the floor.  Have the thirty-second pause after every two rounds. After completion of the Yoga exercise, lay down for a half-hour or an hour to take a rest before starting other daily tasks.

Warm-Up Exercises

1. Arms and hands movement

Stand straight while both legs are wide having about two feet in distance. Now straighten your arms and circulate them, while your hands remain in a straight position. Move your arms upwards and downwards, left and right. Do it 15 times.

2. Jumping on Toes

Jump on your toes one by one while standing on the same point. Do this exercise 15 times on each toe, which means a total of 30 times.

3. Bending head

Match your both hands on the head and match your feet while standing straight. Now bend your head and try to touch the floor near the front of your feet. Do this movement 15 times.

4. Moving head and back  

Now try to move your upper body parts.  Try to move your head, neck, and back backward, while standing in the same position. Do this movement 10 to 15 times on both sides.

5. Touching head to the knee while sitting

Sit on the exercise mate. Spread your legs jointly straight ahead. Now touch the knees with your hands and bend your head. Try to touch the knees with the head for few seconds. Do this exercise again and again for 10 to 15 minutes.

This is the first part of the Yoga exercise training. Here we discussed the pre-planning of performing actual Yoga exercises.  In the next part, you will learn what are the important steps and methods are needed to be followed to perform Yoga.

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