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Children’s innocence is what makes them special. As an adult, it is our responsibility t make sure they get the proper opportunity to experience the best childhood while they still have it. Giving them proper care and love helps them to gain confidence not only in childhood but later in their life span of transition through their puberty into adolescence and eventually make it into adulthood.

Now if a child got proper love, care, and respect that they deserved and had rights to, their adult life will be well and good. For example, no trauma, no anxiety, and no mental/physical issue that comes with a violated childhood, and that’s what we hope every child may have. But on the contrary, if that one child got violated in any way (sexual, abusive, or bullied) they will no doubt grow up with the same way of thinking that something like that can happen to that at any given moment. This constant state of fear and anxiety is something that kid has to live with their entire life.

The deterioration of this state can cause in someone’s everyday life is so dangerous to the point where kids grow up to think that it was all their own fault. And eventually can become so depressing that they start thinking of harming themselves. The guilt that other people make them feel like a victim, it gets to their head they might end up taking the most extreme step someone can take.

The main question that comes to mind is whose fault is it actually? It can’t be in no way the victim’s fault which is the conclusion our society very quickly jumps to and it is wrong in so many ways i.e.

  1. It promotes the wrongdoer to take pride in his heinous deed and maybe do it again to ruin another kid’s life because he will never be accounted for or held responsible for his criminal and punish worthy activities
  2. It deteriorates the victim’s psyche towards a negative direction, making them feel like it’s their fault and that guilt builds up over time and they might take some extreme measures
  3. The isolation of the family of the victim can be very sad to experience and they might get affected by it too. And the worst part is they didn’t even have any fault in all of this


In this male dominant society where men are supposed to be the protectors, what happens when they become the most disgusting creatures to ever exist? What happens when men misuse the power nature has given them? Well, this incident is one of the many examples you can find in Pakistan’s history. A heart-wrenching story of how a mother and her 4 years old daughter were kidnapped and sexually abused for several weeks is surely another eye-opener for us. The video of the kid tugging on her trousers and saying “uncle ne badtameezi ki hai” is more than enough to bring someone to tears.

Most of these cases are never brought to justice, but thankfully on the contrary with this case, the police managed to arrest two suspects. Rafiq Malik and Khairullah Bugti, Rafiq Malik was shot dead by Khairullah Bugti while the police took him to identify Khairullah, and he opens fire. But the police were quick and seized his weapon along with arresting him. Now, this is the kind of bravery we need from our police and we appreciate all the effort they put in this case.


Still, that mother and daughter have to live with this trauma all their life, the fact that they will be shunned by society even though it wasn’t their fault at all is heartbreaking. These victims are the ones who need our sympathy, love, and respect the most, and yet somehow our society fails to do just that. The day, they have seen as survivors i.e. someone who overcame the most difficult situation imaginable, rather than victims. For example, a person who has come to feel helpless and passive in the face of misfortune or ill-treatment is the day our society will actually help bring justice to so many of these cases that went under the radar otherwise.

This was yet another case that ruined two people’s lives forever. While justice was somewhat served, this still gives the many potential pedophiles and rapists the upper hand since most of the time they are not held accountable. Please open your eyes, if you see this type of tendencies in someone and think that they could harm someone, either try and stop them or at least inform other people of their tendencies.

So that you might save someone’s life in the process. As pedophiles and rapists were also once a child with the same innocence as the one they are potentially about to ruin. Who becomes an ill-minded person due to bad nurture. People change and we should always give them a chance, but at the same time keep a close eye on them and inform others too. That’s the least we can do as a society i.e. to give respect, spread love, and hold the proper people responsible.

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