Depression: causes, symptoms, and treatment

What is called depression?

Depression is a mental illness in which the patient can’t act, react, and stay normally. Physical restlessness and mental disorders are called depression. The brain is said to be the major part of all the organs in the human body. If the brain is not healthy, consequently, man cannot do any work properly. Because the biggest obstacle in human development is depression which does not allow a man to do any kind of work well and hinders his development.

According to WHO medical experts, Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide. It has affected 350 million people worldwide.


  • Mental confusion
  •  Anxiety
  •  Drowsiness
  •  Sudden onset, sudden shock
  •  Grief, lose
  •  Constipation
  •  Excessive awakening
  • Restlessness


In a busy life, almost everyone is suffering from depression. Few are suffering from stress due to their financial situation, while other people are affected by the failure of the relationship, some people are affected by the pessimistic thoughts. As a result too many suspcions and horrible thoughts make happy life tough and difficult.

Secondly unpleasent events in life causes depression. Similarly unwanted relations and jobs may have a profound effect on a person’s mental health.

Another cause of depression is having too many expectations from other leads a man towards mental illness. Now A days advance technology is also a reason of depression. Spending long hours on screens of mobile and television also bring tention among teenagers and childrens. 


The only way to get rid of such thoughts that give you stress is to keep yourself busy with the things that make you happy. People prefer to get their medication through drugs that relieve them from depression. To get rid of stress and depression, there are also drugs that give a person temporary peace of mind. But the relief only lasts for a while, and later drugs slowly start showing their side effects in other parts of the body.

You can reduce your stress by keeping busy with your favorite hobby. For example, painting, gardening, calligraphy, cooking, and travelling etc. Poets, artists, writers all reduce the sorrows of their lives by using their own methods and abilities.

A few people try to find happiness and peace by keeping themselves engaged in educational activities, while others try to eliminate depression by making new friends and associating with people at events. These are just a few of the goal-setting ideas that you can use to keep your brain healthy.

Psychologists can treat the patients by scadualing stations and meeting to understand the actual cause of the depression. They try to build the patient’s confidence and, reassure them that life can be spend normally. It is very important to explain the patient that happiness or sorrow and profit or loss are natural things. Whatever affliction we have received, we will find the reward of our patience in the end. Prayers, sharing, and positivity towards relatives and fellows are the best cures for mental disorders.

There are many different effective treatments for Depression:

Psychological treatment

Treatment through exercise

According to a new study by World Health Organization scientists, exercising three times a week reduces the risk of depression by 16%. While any additional physical exercise per week further reduces the chances of the disease. Exercise is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health at the same time in potential patients with depression.

Experts say that modern research has shown that regular exercise in your spare time is an effective way to prevent depression. Yoga, walk, and different physical games are also helpful in reducing depression.

Environmental change

The environment lasts a greater effect on mental health. If the patient is not feeling well at one place, he should visit outside or some fresh and airy place. Sometimes making changes in the area where we live and work causes greater relief.


Eating habits have a greater effect on our mental health. Fresh and organic food makes us physically and mentally healthy.

Stay happy and try to make people happy around you. Sharing happiness and optimistic thoughts will save you from depression.

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