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Dua Zehra Kazmi, a missing girl from Karachi, has yet to be found

KARACHI: A 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra has reported missing in Karachi’s Alfalah Town on Tuesday, according to police.

According to the Express Tribune, the girl’s family reported that she was kidnapped by unknown men. According to a police official, an inquiry into the incident has been initiated. The footage from the area’s CCTV cameras is under observation in order to track down the girl’s whereabouts.

After being rendered unconscious, the investigation team assumed the teen girl had been kidnapped. The incident is being investigated by the Karachi police’s anti-violent Crime Cell (AVCC), according to sources.

The father of the girl said that he had given police information on the numbers. “I have no grudges against anyone, and even my kid hasn’t gone to school for the past year and a half,” he told.

“I want my daughter alive. As I am a mother. And I will not accept her body like Zainab. I will keep the body outside the Governor House if she is found dead,” the mother said.

Netizens are re-sharing the missing person’s poster on social media

In the hopes of spreading the word and finding her everyone is trying to share the sad news. Users on social media are wishing for the best, and they aren’t alone. Celebrities have added their voices to the chorus, expressing their wishes for Dua’s safe return.

Police raids are still taking place in Karachi and other cities in Sindh’s interior. On Wednesday, police raided a residence in Sanghar but found nothing. After then, a third house was raided. Despite the fact that Dua Zehra was not located during the raid, cops discovered another female from Karachi.

The girl has been missing since 16 April, according to authorities. They claimed that they have no idea where she has disappeared. After when she stepped out of her residence to dispose of garbage. FIA cybercrime Sindh team including forensic experts, technical analysts, and female investigation officers visited Dua’s home. And a female psychologist also visited the house of Dua Zehra.

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