Dua Zehra has found in Lahore, soon to be met with parents

Last Updated: May 31, 2022By

A teenage girl Dua Zehra, who went missing on April 16 from Karachi, was found in Lahore. The case is about to be solved and she will soon meet with her parents.

Dua Zehra told the Lahore Police that she was not kidnapped and left her house according to her own will. And nobody kidnapped her. She reached the city on her own. The sources said that she would soon share a video statement. But it seems that all of her statements were given under pressure and forcefully.

According to the police, Dua Zehra is nikkahfied, while her Nikah nama has been recovered and verified since the girl is underage. Her husband is a resident of Lahore named Zaheer Ahmad. Dua’s father is doing his best to get back her daughter as she is under age for marriage.

The case of the mysterious disappearance of the teenage girl from Karachi’s Al-Falah had shaken everyone. She went missing from the Golden Town area 10 days ago, triggering a sense of fear among the masses.

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