bigger challenges that women are still facing

Five bigger challenges that women are still facing

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With the passage of time, we are observing tremendous changes in our lives, especially when we talk about the greater development in the field of technology. But, when we talk about women’s life, we observe that they are facing the same old issues, unfortunately. A woman is a symbol of beauty and color in this world but still, they are not getting the right position that they deserve. This is a fact that a society or nation can get progress if its women are educated, healthy, and empowered. Here we are going to discuss the five bigger challenges that women are still facing.

Health issues with women

It is natural that women face more health problems than men. But they get very few health facilities, especially in rural areas. Reasons behind this worse health condition are:

  •  Lack of food
  •  Clean environment
  •  No sense of awareness
  •  Male domination
  •   Lack of resources

 Education priorities

It is also one of the bigger challenges that women are facing. Lack of education is the root cause of every problem. And when we talk about women’s education, the situation is really worse. It is true that while the question of education arises parents give priority to educating their male child.

Another reality is that parents cannot afford to educate their every child so they prefer only male children to attend school. Or in other cases, parents provide better education facilities to their male children as compared to daughters. That is why an inferiority complex starts from the beginning.

On the other hand, a very low percentage of girls get higher education. If luckily women get a higher education, there are very few chances for women to achieve their goal of success as honorable working ladies. Though today many women are working in different fields and inspiring the world still, the ratio of uneducated and unemployed women is bigger.

Unequal job and payment distributions

It is certain that if women will not get equal education, they cannot get equal job opportunities. This is quite interesting that female students most of the time achieve higher grades in exam results, but due to different reasons, they cannot get jobs according to their education and grades.

These types of double standards are not the matter of any single society, but it is the issue of every developing and developed society with little difference.   

 One of the bigger challenges that women are still facing is the unequal payment system. Man get higher pay than women even for doing the same job. Men are more responsible for the financial issues of the house, but today women are equally needed to earn to fulfill the needs of every member of the family. So we should change this mindset that men need higher payments than women.

Domestic violence| one of the bigger challenges that women are facing

It is a greater dilemma of every society. Domestic violence is of two types.

1. Psychological torture

2. Physical torture

Both types are common in every modern and old society. Many so-called educated and modern people assume that they are against domestic violence, and they do never like to physically torture any woman. But they torture badly their women psychologically. Every year thousands of cases are being registered of domestic violence.

Right to vote

Still, in many countries, women are not allowed to cast vote to elect a better candidate. Particularly in rural areas, women are considered not only physically weak but also unable to elect a better candidate. In recent years in America, more votes were cast by women but in developing countries, it does not happen so.

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