5 Easy, Healthy and Refreshing Drinks to Make at Home

5 Easy and Healthy summer Drinks to Make at Home

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In Asia June, July and August are the months, in which the summer season is at its peak. The sun throws its maximum radiations on the earth and living beings of the earth have to bear them. When the human body receives the stimulus of high temperature, it responds accordingly, So we share the five healthy and refreshing drinks to make at home for the summer season.

Our body demands plenty of water because of excess sweating. Health specialists also suggest drinking a lot of water.

Avoiding dehydration (loss of water), as it may lead to other serious health problems, we need water frequently during the day, especially after returning from scorching sunshine. Although plain water is an urgent source to fulfill the thirst, yet it is not sufficient to meet the needs of the body because we lose minerals and salts while sweating.

Here we are presenting some quick and easy recipes for five healthy drinks in summer. These summer drinks will not only soothe your taste buds but also will find ways to help with nutritious requirements.

Five Healthy Drinks in Summer That are Easy to Make

1. Lemonade

Let’s start with the most simple but savory and full of nutrition drink, lemonade.

Lemonade recipe Ingredients
Water 1 Glass
Lemon 1
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Salt 1/4th tablespoon

Add salt, sugar and squeeze the lemon to get the juice. Mix everything thoroughly and enjoy.

Lemonade - easy and refreshing drinks to make at home

Image Credit: David Todd McCarty

Nutritious Value

  • Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, soluble fiber, and other plant compounds along with a delightful taste, which altogether makes it excellent for health.
  • Lemonade keeps your body hydrated, which is a necessary thing in summers.
  • Lemon is a citrus fruit hence it provides Vitamin C, which is a primary antioxidant. Vitamin C protects the cells from damage. It also decreases the chance of cardiovascular disease( heart disease), stroke and lowers blood pressure.
  • Polyphenol antioxidant is present in lemons, which is involved in weight loss. People who are interested in losing weight can drink lemonade to make themselves slim in a tasty way.
  • It’s also advantageous for skin because the Vitamin C present in lemons reduces wrinkles, dry skin from aging, and damage from the sun.
  • Lemonade is healthy to drink because it makes the digestive system better and prevents constipation.
  • You can get rid of bad breath by using lemonade because lemon has a feature to stimulate the saliva and water helps to deter dry mouth.
  • Citrate is constituent of citric acid, present in lemons. Lemonade contains Citrate that reduces the acidity of urine and even may break up small stones.

2. Falsa juice

Falsa Sharbat Ingredients
Water 2 cups
Falsa (Grewia) 2 cups
Sugar 2 tablespoon
Ice cubes As required
Black salt 1 tablespoon

To make healthy and refreshing drinks like, add Falsa, water, and sugar in the blender and blend well. Now strain the puree to get a smooth juice. In the end, add black salt mix well and serve.

Falsa Sharbat - healthy summer drinks

Image Credit: Riri

Nutritious Value

  • Falsa juice works as a coolant and restores hydration. We can also serve it as a digestive agent and a heart tonic as it relieves inflammation.
  • This healthy drink has an abundant amount of antioxidants. It reduces the risk of cancer and also fights against harmful food.
  • Falsa is a low glycemic index fruit which means that it can be used by diabetics and persons with cardiovascular diseases.
  •  Naturally, purple foods are antioxidant-loaded with anthocyanins. Falsa juice is very chemical that protects collagen that keeps the skin young. It also purifies the blood, consequently, it provides a healthy glow.
  • Falsa is claimed to be a rich source for its carbohydrates vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which are essential for an active and healthy life.
  • Grewia is beneficial for heart, blood, and liver disorders, anorexia, stomatitis, hiccough, asthma, spermatorrhea, fevers, and diarrhea. It is also used for treating throat, tuberculosis, and sexual debility troubles.

So, in summer don’t miss to get all these advantages by drinking this healthy and refreshing drink.

3. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice Ingredients
Water 2 cups
Watermelon deseeded 4 cups
Lemon juice 1/4 cup
Sugar As required

Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend thoroughly. Wow! it’s ready, quick, and easy.

Nutritious Value

  • Watermelon contains calories, water, proteins, Carbs, sugar fibers, fats, and some other plant compounds. It also lowers blood pressure, reduces insulin resistance, and reduces muscle soreness after exercise.
  • Watermelon carries potassium and magnesium, these nutrients keep the blood vessels healthy. In addition, they retain smooth blood flow and the electrolytes present in watermelon maintain the blood pressure.
  • There are a lot of fibers within the fruit which makes the digestive system efficient. It has a high quantity of water content that sweeps out the toxins from the body.
  • The presence of carbs, electrolytes,s, and minerals hydrate your body and provide you with enough energy for carrying out all daily activities.
  • As there is 91% water in the composition of watermelon which keeps you full for longer and helps you to avoid eating junk.
  • The powerful antioxidant lycopene is also there in watermelon which ensures a decreased chance of cancer and diabetes.
  • Watermelon is good for your heart health. Because amino acids are its component that enhances the flow of blood and lowers the danger of heart attack.
  • If you drink a glass of watermelon juice daily consequently you are less likely to have asthma.
  • Taking a glass of watermelon juice means you are fueling your body with Vitamin A, which has beta-carotene in it and maintains the health of your eyes.
  • Pregnant women may face morning sickness, heartburn, and swelling. Vitamin A, C, and B6 are present in watermelon with which these problems can be cured. It is also healthy for mother-to-be and baby.
  • Watermelon hydrates your skin, which gives it a beautiful glow.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, watermelon juice is the most wanted drink in summers.

4. Imli and Aloo Bukhara Sharbat

Imli and Aloo Bukhara Sharbat Ingredients
Imli pulp 1/4 cup (soaked overnight)
Aloo Bukhara dried n deseeded 1/4 cup (soaked overnight)
Sugar 3 tablespoons
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Walter 1 cup

Blend all ingredients until well combined. Add ice cubes in the serving glass to serve the drink chilled.

Imli and Aloo Bukhara Sharbat

Image Credit: eyli sadeqian

Nutritious Value

  • The delicious drink reduces the excess amount of bile( a digestive juice secreted by the liver) and maintains the temperature of the liver.
  • Imli and aloo Bukhara sharbat lower the intensity of thirst.
  • Its use is good in nausea and puking.
  • In summers high temperatures may cause headaches. The beverage proves also a good tonic to cure such a headache.
  • The heat of the stomach and gall bladder is reduced by the use of this savory drink.

5. Lassi (Buttermilk)

Lassi (Buttermilk) Ingredients
Yogurt 2 Cups
Water 1 cup (add more if you want a thinner consistency)
Table salt or black salt 1 teaspoon

Blend all ingredients well in a blender. You can also use a hand whisk to smooth the curd and then add water. Lassi (buttermilk) is ready. Simple, easy, and quick but full of benefits.


Image Credit: Mario Raj

There are a lot of variations that can be done to this plain Lassi. For example:

  • you can add grounded cumin, mint leaves to enhance taste and nutrition.
  • You can make sweet lassi by adding sugar (as per your taste) instead of salt.
  • Fruits like mango and strawberry can also be added to lassi to make it more enjoyable.

Nutritious Value

  • Yogurt is the main ingredient of lassi, which is made from milk. So, it is a good source of calcium, Vitamin D, and other essential Vitamins. There are numerous health benefits of the drink, let’s have a look at those.
  • It effectively helps in digestion because it strengthens the stomach and aids in breakdown the food particles and getting the nutrients.
  • The useful bacteria present in Lassi stop the production of bad bacteria in the gut. consequently, it prevents the stomach from bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues. Buttermilk also avoids heartburn.
  • It contains a considerable amount of probiotics, that promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, improve weight loss, immune system, and more. Lassi also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure to keep the heart good at its functioning.
  •  Lassi is a vital source of calcium and vitamin D which is life for bone health. It also keeps the bones strong and healthy. It also reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • Being a rich source of lactic acid and Vitamin D, lassi keeps your immune system in excellent shape. And assist to fight against many diseases and infections. Vitamin D absorbs Calcium and Phosphorous, which may provide resistance against many diseases and encourage the growth and development of the bones and teeth.
  • The presence of lactic acid in the beverage removes blemishes on the face and is an excellent anti-aging feature. As a result, we get an improved skin texture and youthful skin.

We come up with these easy and quick but refreshing, healthy, and worthwhile drinks. This is a list of drinks with minimum ingredients but maximum rewards. Must try these five healthy drinks in summer to fuel your body and beat the heat along with satisfying your taste buds.

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