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Five showbiz stars, nominated for the world’s 100 most beautiful faces.

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Five stars from Pakistani showbiz industries have been nominated for the world’s 100 most beautiful faces. As a member of our Patreon community, you may suggest Faces and receive guaranteed monthly nominations. An entertainment website known as TC Candler came into being in 1990. And they came out with their first list of the 100 most attractive people on the planet. This list, which is also known as the independent critics’ list, comprises all the key characteristics of a successful man or woman and is not only focused on who is popular. It often embodies the contemporary ideal of beauty and aesthetic perfection, as well as elegance, class, piety, joy, and promise. Every year, 100 people are nominated, and the public subsequently votes for the 100 most beautiful faces.

As we can see from Tc Candler’s social media account, Pakistanis are not lagging behind in this nomination; five of our stunning and attractive actors and actresses are on the list. Here is information on our nominees.

Sajal Ali

sajal ali

Sajal Ali is a fantastic and versatile actor. Making her another ideal selection for the TC Candler list for 100 most beautiful faces. Due to her commitment and sincerity to her profession, she is a well-paid celebrity in Pakistan. She serves as an inspiration for many young people who are entering Pakistan’s entertainment business.

Ayeza Khan

ayeza khan

Ayeza Khan is one of the top 100 sweetest and most attractive people in 2022. She is a multi-talented and stunning woman. Ayeza has also acted as the best actor and a reassuring mother of two kids. She gained entry to TC Candler because of her striking beauty and important roles in several shows.

Fawad Khan

100 most beautiful faces

All of Pakistan’s people continue to adore Fawad Khan. And the majority of producers wish to cast him in the starring role. He consistently receives the greatest ratings on YouTube and television networks for all of his initiatives. Additionally, he has received 18 awards, including the Hum TV and Lux style awards. Now that he has been named on the TC Candler list, we shall see what happens next.

Neelam Muneer Khan


Neelam Muneer has accomplished a great deal in her industry at a young age. She is also one of the most well-known figures on Pakistani social media. As well as She has accomplished much on her own initiative and determination. No doubt she also has the ideal appearance for the nomination.

Imran Abbas


Imran Abbas is a well-known figure in the Pakistani media. It is also because he co-starred in “Creature 3D” with Vikram Bhatt and Bipasha Basu. He is a popular celebrity in both Pakistan and India. Despite being nominated for a film Oscar, he did not prevail for a variety of reasons. He fits in very fine on the TC Candler list. We wish this talented actor the very best.

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