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Hadiqa Kiani has completed building 100 homes for flood victims

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Hadiqa Kiani launched a charity campaign named Vaseela-e-Raah a few months ago to assist the people affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Recently, Kiani took to Vaseela-e-Rah’s Instagram page to announce the completion of the construction of 100 homes in Balochistan.

Hadiqa Kiani niece organized a GoFundMe donation campaign for Vaseela-e-Raah, which aims to raise $200,000 to aid Pakistani flood victims by constructing 200 sustainable homes in Balochistan and extending their efforts to other cities. According to the fundraising profile of Vaseela-e-Raah, the campaign aims to build sustainable homes to ensure long-term relief for the victims.

Hadiqa Kiani took to Twitter earlier and announced her plan to build a primary school, grocery store, and maternity center for flood victims. She expressed her gratitude for the support received and shared the progress made so far. Kiani said, “Grateful to share the progress! Inshallah, we will not only complete our goal of 200 homes but we will also have a Vaseela-e-Raah primary school, grocery store, and maternity center all because of your help and donations.”

In October 2022, Kiani shared her visit to flood-hit areas and emphasized the need to focus on construction and reconstruction. She urged people to take action to remove stagnant water that is spreading diseases, especially with winter approaching and the victims still without proper shelter. Kiani expressed her concern about the children battling infections and the difficult living conditions, which she witnessed firsthand.

The Dobara actor went on to highlight the stark contrast between our comfortable lives and the dire situation faced by the flood victims. She stated, “While we are enjoying our daily routines, those affected don’t even have a roof over their heads. The things I saw with my own eyes, such as skin and stomach infections, are beyond words.”

Hadiqa Kyani has always been active in charity work

She has also made a grocery store for a boy to support the family and the people around him. She said in a statement, “With the help and support of Allah and our people’s trust in us we made a Grocery store for 12yr old Muneer Ahmad son of Pervaiz Ahmad Shaheed in Tehsil Tamboo ( Balochistan).”

Hadiqa Kyani told that one maternity clinic is complete. She further said that”Vaseela-E-Raah was a mission of mine to complete, a promise I made to my mother and to the people of Balochistan, Inshallah we will continue our efforts!”

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