Housewives Vs. Working Woman | Full Housewife is Better than Working Class Wife?

Housewives Vs. Working Woman | Full Housewife is Better than Working Class Wife?

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Housewives Vs. working women have been a long debate and still, it is a very hot topic of discussion. It should depend on a woman on whether they choose to be a housewife or a working woman and should be given freedom of opinion. Either a woman chose to confine herself to her house or wants to go out to work, and both options come with their pros and cons.

Both of these roles of women cause them guilt and pressure at some point in their lives.

In the case of a housewife, if she faces financial problems and her husband is incapable of providing sufficient income, she might feel guilty about not working and be a helping hand. Moreover, she might realize that she has some career dreams to pursue yet.

As compared to housewives, working women might have the guilt of not giving enough time and attention to their house and children. Also, at some point, the work pressure might cause serious stress problems that affect her family.

Therefore, it should be the woman’s own decision at any point in her life whether she wants to stay at home or pursue a career as it is her right.

Being a Housewife Advantages and Disadvantages

Being a Housewife Advantages and Disadvantages

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The benefits that a housewife has over a working woman include;

1. More family time

A housewife has the advantage of spending more time in her house with her husband and children. She can focus on maintaining her house, taking care of her family, and spending quality time with them.

2. Looking after Children

A housewife can efficiently take care of her children, help them solve their problems as well as help them in their studies. She also has enough time to observe her children and help them shape their personalities.

3. Moral Support

A housewife is always available for her husband and children and can provide moral support whenever anything goes down in life. Housewives help maintains a peaceful environment in the house, improving the quality of life and the mental health of all the residents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Mother

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Mother

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Along with the benefits of housewives, a working woman also has some benefits that are as under;

1. Independence / Financial Support

The first and the main thing that a working woman possesses is independence as she is earning independently and has financial capabilities. These financial capabilities can help improve the quality of life of her and her family too. Secondly, she may contribute to lessening the burden of the husband. Financial independence provides mental satisfaction to a woman.

2. Emotionally Strong

Working women tend to be emotionally stronger as they interact with new people daily and avoid some family emotional stresses. At the same time, housewives are very emotional as they spend most of their time with their loved ones.

3. Pursuing own Dream

A working woman pursues her dreams and gives strength to her career. This fact might have a great effect on her children as they grow. They will also aim at pursuing their dreams no matter what.

4. Housewives in the Modern Era

It has been observed that a working woman also gets stressed and exhausted at some stage of life. Because she feels like her family has been neglected. In this modern era, various ways have been introduced that can help a woman and man earn while sitting at home.

The trend of online jobs has held a great pace. And it is helping a million people use their skills while sitting at home and earning a decent amount of money.

So, this being said, a housewife can also be financially capable and have help in improving their quality of life by working for flexible hours on an online job or freelancing along with looking after her family and her house.

Many women have already started earning through online jobs that have provided them with stress and guilt-free life and satisfaction from the side of their family. Through a flexible online job, a woman can easily make time for her kids and husband which is the biggest concern of a peaceful domestic environment.


Although, it is totally up to the women to go our work or stay at home. But online jobs have also provided opportunities for staying-at-home women to utilize their talent, abilities, and skills and become financially stable. Moreover, online jobs also don’t tend to bother the woman’s family as she is fulfilling all the responsibilities efficiently sideways.

The only thing left is to create as much awareness among women as possible to introduce them to various online jobs that they might pursue right away, and the income might also help them get rid of any kind of guilt and give them freedom.

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