Laccha paratha

How to make Laccha paratha

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Lacha Paratha is one of the most favorite and typical breakfast items of Asian families. Where people use to eat paratha in their daily use, they can’t stay away from it for more than a day. Let’s see how to make the Laccha paratha. Though excessive use of ghee and oil may cause many health issues. But still, it is common among many families to eat paratha on either a daily or weekly basis.

There are different types of paratha making. In which simple paratha, Laccha paratha, and stuffed paratha are famous. Today we are going to make Laccha paratha.


Plain flour: 2 cups
Oil or ghee: Two spoon
Pinch of 🧂 salt
Water to make the dough


Mix the ingredients and knead a soft dough. Place it for 15 minutes.

Make a medium ball shape and spread it with the help of a rolling pin.

Now oil it with the help of a brush.

How to make lachha paratha

Fold it nicely and roll it, give the shape of a rope.

how to make laccha paratha

Now again convert this into the shape of the ball like (perha).

Once again spread it with the help of a rolling pin.

laccha paratha

Cooking time

Heat up the pan for few two minutes.

Oil the pan and place the spread of the paratha into the pan.

Laccha paratha

Turn the paratha after cooking from one side. Now oil again on another side after turning.

Within a minute out laccha paratha is ready.

Serve it with omelette, pickle, or tea only.


Have a good day!


Laccha paratha

Additional tip of breakfast for kids
While we all eat crispy paratha…our little one needs something interesting and attractive to here is the tip.

Make different types of interesting shapes to develop eating habits.



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