How to Make Masala Chai | Winter Fun with Best Masala Chai

How to Make Masala Tea| A Winter Fun

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Tea is a famous drink all over the world. In different cultures, it is presented with different traditions. There are several specific snacks in different regions of the world. For example, in Pakistan, there are samosas, fritters, rolls, besan roti, cake, biscuits, chocolate vanilla cookies, cake rusks, and numerous sweet and salty refreshments that can be enjoyed with tea. Here we shall find how to make masala tea.

Some people are addicted to tea and others are not but everyone enjoys it. It is famous among all age groups. A common sentence often heard by a tea addict is, ‘itni chay mt pia kro kally ho jao gy (don’t take this much tea otherwise you will be tanned)’. But the tea lovers don’t give ear to these words.

From Asia to Europe, from rich to poor, tea is served in every house in different ways. Two cute characters included in the famous Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast ’, Mrs. Potts and Chip are also proof of paying vintage to tea.

The delectable drink can be served anytime but usually, it is taken in the morning and evening. People may get up but can’t wake up without taking tea. A cup of tea in the evening can refresh the exhausted ones. Evening tea is also a fount of family union.

Some weathers also increase the demand for tea. The Winter season and rainy weather raise the value of brew.

Benefits of Masala Tea

Tea is not only a source to intensify existing relationships but it also proves to be a cause of laying the foundations of new relationships. Whether it’s a friends’ meet-up or the first meeting between a girl and boy’s family for fixing marriages, tea is a necessary item.

Tea is available anywhere whether it’s school, college, or university cafe, the stalls on the roads, or the luxury hotels. Some places are famous for tea only.

Tea leaves

Tea leaves are necessary to make the drink, beyond that there are several ingredients like Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, etc for additional taste to satisfy the taste buds and improve nutritional value. It improves the digestive system.

Follow the recipe of savory Masala Tea, to bring a variety to your tea menu. It is originally an Indian recipe full of nutrients due to its ingredients.

masala tea ingredients list

Image Credit: Mikesh Kaos

 Ingredients List

For Tea Masala:

Masala Tea Ingredient List Quantity
Cinnamon 15g
Nutmeg 5g
Dried ginger 50g
Peppercorn 10g
Clove 15g
Green Cardamom 15g

Except for dried ginger dry roast all the ingredients for one minute on low flame. Make fine powder in a blender. This masala can be preserved for six months in an airtight jar.

Masala Tea Recipe

For Tea Quantity
Water 1 Cup
Tea Masala 1ts
Tea Leaves 2ts
Milk 1 Cup
Sugar 1tbs

Add one cup of water to a pan and let it boil. Add tea masala and tea leaves in boiling water. Stir it to bring it to boil. Then add milk and sugar and let it cook for 5-7 minutes. Here you go delicious masala tea is ready!!!  

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Image Credit: Joanna Kosinska


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