Why do we go shopping?

 Here you will get ideas to be followed to go shopping in Pakistan, but at first, it is important to know why do we go shopping.  Shopping refers to an activity or movement in which consumers look around the available goods. And services offered by different sellers with the potential intention to buy one of them that appropriately fit their needs. There are two forms of shopping; one is traditional shopping, i.e. shopping at a mall or department store, and the other is online shopping, i.e. shopping from home through the internet without going outside.

Also, in Pakistan, people can either buy from a mall, and departmental stores or they can purchase online through different retailers’ websites. Nowadays, online shopping deals are getting fashionable and attractive in Pakistan but not as much as in western countries. Online shopping is developing but with slow speed because people are not adequately aware of it.

However, the reasons for shopping may vary from person to person. An individual goes shopping to meet his needs, wants, or buy any product that catches his eyes. Shopping has a significant and essential role, especially for girls, as it is a valuable source to get relief from stress. It is a fun-oriented activity for the reason that it gives you happiness and joy. When you are upset and feeling down, you can go shopping, and it will change your mood.

Shopping ideas in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, people have different thoughts about shopping ideas. Some people go for shopping to meet their needs or whatever they want to meet their desires. While others go shopping to be get updated in fashion or to show off them by buying expensive or branded products. People like to go shopping for different products, i.e. Garments, makeup whether a new lipstick or an eye shadow palette, fashion-oriented products, books, groceries, and electronics, etc.

 online shopping ideas

Using online shopping ideas, customers can buy their desired product without consuming energy for physically going outside to any mall or store. These ideas can save their time, energy, and traveling cost, provide shopping convenience, more products, better prices through comparison; customer reviews that show their reliability, no queues, and customers can buy whatever they want. The most famous online shopping sites in Pakistan are,,,, and now Amazon is also providing its services in Pakistan.

Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the best shopping mall names include Emporium Mall Lahore (largest mall in Lahore), Packages Mall Lahore, Fortress Stadium Lahore, The Mall of Lahore, Mall of Defense Lahore, City Tower Lahore. Moreover, Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi, Port Grand Karachi, Dolmen Mall Tariq Road Karachi, LuckyOne Mall Karachi (largest mall in Karachi), Atrium Mall and Cinema Karachi, Centaurus Mall Islamabad (mega mall of Islamabad), Aquatic Mall Islamabad, Safa Gold Mall Islamabad, Giga Mall Islamabad, The Mall Murree.

What to do before going out Shopping?   

While you go outside shopping you have to consider specific strategies that will help you to buy your desired product. Things to remember before going out shopping are discussed as follows:

  • Prepare a list of those products that you need.
  • Set a budget to buy the desired product.
  • Do plan your shopping before going out.
  • Set a time to go shopping.
  • Choose the best time for shopping at your convenience.
  • Question yourself “do you need certain products?”
  • Do not go shopping when you are already tired.
  • Don’t do impulsive buying.
  • Search market for different shopping ideas and products then compare their prices with different markets.
  • Only buy a product that you need.
  • Do not purchase a product just for the reason that it is on sale.
  • Enjoy the activity of shopping.
  • Be aware of the price of the product that you want to purchase and compare it with different shop’s products.
  • Eat well while you go shopping as it will give you energy for hunting and bargaining your desired items.
  • Go to the mall for shopping in off-hours to avoid crowds and queues.
  • Wear a comfortable dress and shoes while going shopping.
  • Always prepare to be flexible in your shopping but keep your budget in your mind.

Money-Saving Ideas While Shopping:

There are some specific tips that you can consider as money-saving ideas while shopping for your desired product.

  • Prepare a budget and buy only necessary items.
  • Look for the sale, discounts, or other deals offered by malls or stores to save your money.
  • Creatively use the product that you already have instead of buying a new one.
  • Make appropriate choices by choosing high-quality items at a cheap rate.
  • Please don’t purchase a product that you do not need as it will be a wastage of money.
  • Pay for an item with cash as if you make a purchase with a debit or credit card you can exceed your budget.
  • Go shopping with a full stomach in this way you can save money that you spend on snacks or other stuff like this.
  • Shop alone as if you go with someone else, then he/she can influence you to spend more money that is beyond your budget.

 How often we should go shopping?

The best answer to this question is when you are stressed or upset. Shopping makes you feel happy, changes your mood, and you can get relief from your stress. You can go to different malls for shopping and buy your desired items. Secondly, make a plan for weekly or bi-weekly shopping. Visit the market after a regular interval, collect a set amount of groceries and other important things of daily use. 


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