Impact of Covid 19 on women life

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Corona Virus disease, most commonly known as COVID-19, is an epidemic that has penetrated all over the world. Asia, Europe, Africa even every region of the world is suffering. The world has undergone an immense social and economic change. To take control over the pandemic, governments announced lockdown in their respective. Its 2nd wave in Pakistan is more contagious than before.

Effects of lockdown:

Due to lockdown, many people become jobless because of the nature of their jobs, and others have to work from home. As per human rights organizations, working women are more affected than domestic violence during the pandemic. Many earning women have to leave their jobs and are restricted to stay in small homes. In homes due to many reasons, domestic violence has increased.

Online working:

People are allowed to work from home to avoid gatherings and social contact. Laptops and computers are really proved a source of running economy of the world in these terrible days.

Online Study:

The education field is also affected. The academic year is not as productive as the previous ones. Ministry of education announced vacations in academic institutions and students are also carrying out their studies from home via technical gadgets.

Responsibility of Mothers in current circumstances:

Although mothers have a heavy responsibility on their shoulders in the present situation their workload is increased.

To avoid social contact many ladies are not allowing their housemaids to come, therefore, cleaning the home is their own duty now. Furthermore, online working is a hurdle in cleaning because while their husbands and children are attending online sessions, ladies can’t turn on vacuum cleaners and can’t use other stuff in those hours to prevent noise. Short meals are required for their families when their work session is going on, that’s another addition in female’s duty. Consequently, there is a pile of dirty utensils on the kitchen sink, and making the dishes, again and again, is needed.

Tuition centers are also not providing their services, so mothers have to help out the children in studies too.

All in all the women are burdened with the responsibility in lockdown. So, you must help them out in accomplishing their house chores.


There is a positive side of lockdown too, families are getting more time to spend with each other which is strengthening the bond between the relationships.

Though people are unable to visit each other’s places they are getting closer to one another by talking on cell phones.

The hustle and bustle of the world has been lowered and a sense of peace is there.

Traffic is reduced on the roads subsequently, pollution has been decreased.

Individuals are saying more and more prayers for themselves and others, hence, making them spiritually strong.

Above all human beings are feeling for each other and the morale of humanity is getting raised.

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