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After a long time drama lover will watch a marvelous drama Raqs-e- Bismil on Hum TV.  The script of the story is different and the cast of the drama has made the whole serial worth watching. Writer Hashim Nadeem has a significant place among play writers. His recent play Ishq Zahe Naseeb got huge popularity among drama lovers.

Another reason for the popularity of Raqs-e- bismil is the return of Wajhat Rauf and his wife Shazia to Tv.  They were busy making films. That is why we can observe there inspiring experience of film making in this drama making.

The drama has started on the TV screen of Hum TV channel. And the beginning of the drama has inspired the audience so much that they are waiting for its next episodes anxiously.

Leading roles of the drama are performed by Imran Ashraf and Sara Khan. Both are very well-known artists of the TV screen. Imran Ashraf is the leading artist who is famous for his great acting skill. His role as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi has been nominated for the Lux style award. He is performing the character of Moosa in Raqs-e- bismil.

Sarah Khan is also a very sober and decent artist with an inspiring personality. Her performance in the drama Sabbat is remarkable. Recently she got married, and everyone was assuming that we shall not see her on the TV screen. But her surprising comeback with such a great role made drama lovers cheerful. In Raqs-e-bismil, we observe her completely different look as compared to her previous performances.

 All other characters of the Raqs-e- Bismal are also renowned artists.

  • Mehmood Aslam
  • Sleem Miraj
  • Momin Saqib
  • Anoushay AbbasI
  • NidaMumtaz
  • Gul-e-Rana
  • Furqan Qureshi

The character of Mehmood Aslam is also a very different and strict father. After a long time audience will see him in a serious role. He is a senior artist who is the best fit for every type of character, whether it is serious, or funny. In fact, all artists are looking very loyal to their character.

In fact, the teaser and starting episodes of the drama Raqs-e-Bismil have fascinated the audience so much that they are waiting for upcoming episodes.

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