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Shae Gill: “Pasoori” singer life and her music journey

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The best ever Coke Studio arrangement “Mere Dhol Judaiyaan di tenu khabar kivain hove”’ This is called diversity. The best thing is that Coke Studio successfully recognizes the talent all across Pakistan and executes each and everything so well. Shae Gill, the “Pasoori” singer has been very well received by the audience. And now she has become a great sensation among music lovers.

“Pasoori ” Ali Sethi’s voice touches your soul and Shae Gill makes it complete.

Because of Ali Sethi’s wonderful voice and beat, the song has captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts; nevertheless, the popularity of this song is also due to the singing of the young vocalist who co-starred with Ali Sethi in this song. In the song, “Pasoori ”  Ali Sethi’s voice touches your soul and Shae Gill makes it complete.

The 23-year-old singer, who goes by the Instagram handle Shae Gill, also used her voice to great effect in the song “Pasori” with Ali Sethi. Which was favorably appreciated by fans. She has been dubbed “Pakistan’s Dua Lipa” by Ali Sethi.

But who is Shae Gill, the woman who rose to popularity, how did she begin singing, and how does she feel about her current status?

 Shae says that it was not planned and it all began out as a fun activity.  She was living in the university hostel with her friend where the singing started. Shai Gill’s singing journey started as a hobby and reached out to Cook Studios. She said she used to spend her free time at the hostel in her friend’s room. Where she felt bored in the hostel one day, so for work, they published a video of the song on Instagram.

She claims that her friend came up with the concept for Shae Gill’s Instagram page and that it was merely for fun at the moment. Her Instagram page was created in May of 2019 and has been active for more than two years.

About Shae Gill

She is pursuing an economics degree and will graduate in July of this year. “I had a fantastic time,” she added. “I only had to wear four-inch heels, which was a little challenging for me because I don’t normally wear heels.  She wants to learn and write classical music. So now she’ll get started on everything after getting too much appreciation.

 She exclaimed that she is much pleased, but also a little worried since everyone has such high expectations. Now that her first song has arrived at Coke Studios, she is super excited. As we can see in her recent viral video. In which she seems very excited to hear herself.

She says, “I don’t think there’s much room for error now. Some things are in the works, and others are being considered, but I can’t say anything about them right now”. She also said in her recent interview with BBC,

While this experience was fantastic for me, it was also challenging because I had to walk and pose in heels, which was difficult for me, but Hussain treated me so nicely and made my job extremely easy.”

Shae Gill got unexpected feed back

She is also ready to work in the acting field in the future only if she gets a better character. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Zulfi) of Cook Studio took a peek at her Instagram page to check. To know how she was singing, and he liked it. Then he messaged her on Instagram, saying, “I’d like you to sing for Coke Studio”. She said that she was surprised when she got an offer from coke studio and it was hard to digest. Often when new singers work with a great artist, they feel very nervous but Ali supported her well. Because Sethi is a humble man who treats her nicely and has a wealth of musical knowledge.

Shae Gill wasn’t too serious about music before “Pasoori”. She said that I used to be interested in becoming a singer as a child. But I stopped thinking about it afterward she was just singing as a hobby on social media platforms. But after unexpected feedback from listeners, she has taken it seriously and had so much pleasure with it.

The best thing about the song was the coordination between singers. Ali Sethi has been very supportive in this song with Shay Gill that we can see and feel this beautiful masterpiece. Mind-blowing melody and finest performances are just fabulous. Music lovers got everything just beyond the expectation in this song.  They call it literally the next level of creativity. The background appearance, dance, and overall ambiance of the place make us feel like to be present there.

Let’s all appreciate Shae gill who had her first debut singing performance here on coke studio. Before this she used to post all these amazing song covers on her Insta, we are  SO GLAD that she is now getting the recognition she deserves. ✨

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