Shaista Hakeem, a female journalist: A symbol of courage

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Shaista Hakeem belongs to the KPK Malakand division (A land previously under terrorist attacks). Her story to become a journalist and to continue her journey to become a role model for female belongs to Sawat. Even after working as a journalist at Mangora Khyber TV, still, she is unable to have a membership in any organization of journalists. That is why she is facing more challenges.

Shaista Hakeem was one of those migrants who had to leave their home town due to terrorist activities by Tahreek- Taliban.  It was the time when she decided to become a journalist when she observed that journalists were performing their duty efficiently in those circumstances. She had to miss her paper of B.A. After completion of her B.A, she did her masters in Mass communication. She started her journey as a journalist from Radio Pakistan Peshawar. She faced bad comments from people around her, even from a few family members.  She is performing her duty with courage and determination.

Only female journalist of Sawat among people, performing her duty.
Shaista Hakeem, asking questions from men of Sawat

Shaista Hakeem has also got training from America, for that she was harassed by different communities. But she did not lose heart and continued her struggle. Her fellow members advise her to go to Islamabad or Lahore to get a better opportunity and environment, but she refused. She believes that she is an alone female journalist in Sawat and her residence there, will give better opportunities for other female journalists there.  She is quite hopeful for better future of women of her community.

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