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The Husband-wife relation and decision power

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Decision-power is a right or authority to reject or accept something. The husband-wife relation and decision-power concept is different in different societies and religions. 

Husband-Wife Relation and decision power concept:

A husband-wife relation can be well-defined as a mirror in which one should scrutinize the situations and give an action according to that situation. At the same time, the other one has to accept happily and should give full support. However, decision-making is a right or authority to reject to admit or permit something. Putting two heads together in order to reach the best and mutual decision that works for both husband and wife can be challenging. But it really works and makes the relationship strong and successful. 

In a husband-wife relationship, both are like a mirror, heartbeat, and uni soul to each other. Moreover, trust and understanding play the most vital role to maintain a healthy relationship and a pleasant environment in the family.

Husband-Wife Relation and decision power by Law:

No law gives the decision power only either to a husband or to a wife. It provides some decision power to both the partners in a marriage. As, the law grants a right of decision power to wife, to take Khula(divorce) and to give permission for the 2nd marriage of his husband.

On the contrary, the husband has decision power for financial and childbirth issues if it is for the good of the family.

Decision Power of Relation:

In a husband-wife relation, decision power denotes that they can stop each other from doing something that they don’t like. Both husbands and wives hold a right to refuse something which they are against. If only one spouse has decision power, then it may be the most destructive behavior in marriage.

So in this relation, the decisions ought to be one agreed by both the husband and his wife. The decision power in a husband-wife relationship might be acceptable if it is concerned with health or your family.  If the husband and wife have a good relationship, then they can express their opinion to each other through healthy communication and can take decisions accordingly.

Family decision Power in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, mostly, husbands have all the decision power in husband-wife relations. They are heads of family who take all the critical decisions themselves without any consultation with their wives, i.e. They can choose their residence, force their wives to quit the job, make family planning decisions, etc. Although, in our country, few husbands think that they are the only boss of their family and do not consider their wives as a partner. While there are also many couples who exist in Pakistan who believe in mutual understanding and take decision after healthy communication.

Those husbands who have the misconception that they are sole decision-makers in families, humiliate their wives, speak in a very harsh way, or even abuse them physically. Their wives have no views and opinions on family decisions. They take the wrong advantage of their decision power, and they also don’t pay attention to the point of view of their wives in any decision. Moreover, due to this, it can violate the different rights of their wives and create other problems in their relationship.

With the passage of time, people are getting an awareness that final decisions should be taken after mutual understanding. The man should also give respect to the wife’s opinion.  

Husband Wife Relation and decision Power According to Religion:

In our religion, husband-wife relation is supposed to be in an entirely different way. God describes marriage in the Holy Quran in a very diverse way. The husband-Wife relationship is a beautiful and sacred relation Allah has described in Quran. He has created this relation to building a healthy society with rules and regulations.

Our religion gave decision power to husbands and made them heads of their households. But it doesn’t mean that women can participate in making decisions. In the history of Islam, there are several incidents are found that prove women’s courage and their strong decision-making abilities. It is observed that Islam also give huge respect and importance to women’s decision and their participation in future planning. Hence it is proved that both the husband and wife mutual decision is the best decision.

For a good husband, it is essential that he considers the good qualities in his wife and ignores the mistakes and drawbacks to lead a happy life. While for a good wife, it is significant that she considers the inner satisfaction and the happiness of her husband instead of external appearance.

Tips to respect each other’s decisions

For a better husband-wife relation, one should follow some specific tips that are suggested by our religion.

  • Be open to your partner’s stance.

  • Don’t be hesitant to discuss honestly with your partner as you go through the decision-making process together.
  •  Deeply analyze the good and bad points of the decisions you may face together.
  • Carefully evaluate the expected results of your decisions, as well as how they may affect you and your family.
  • The harmony in your relationship is maintained only when both the husband and wife are willing to compromise for one another.
  •  praying together will also help the life partners to find clarity and purpose work and making a decision 
  • Husband or wife should not behave like a dictator.
  • Husbands and wives should be partners in every decision.

  • Give respect and show honesty toward each other.
  • Never treat your spouse as abusive either physically, mentally, or emotionally. 
  • Be gentle and loving to your spouse and show your affection to them.
  • Be cautious about your words while you are giving your opinion.
  • Always appreciate your spouse for what they do for family and home.
  • Communicate with each other on every matter to avoid and deal with any severe issues.
  • Do not discuss past problems while they have already been resolved.
  • Give your spouse quality time separately that is only for him/her.
  • Never discuss your marriage and spouse with others.
  • Always admit your faults and make an excuse.
  • Avoid taking a big decision like divorce.

A husband-wife cannot have a successful relationship if both partners are not at the same point on an issue.  A good relationship requires commitment, patience, love, sacrifice, compromise, kindness, and mutual understanding.

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