Tips for Ladies to Get Ready for Ramadan

7 Tips for Ladies to Get Ready for Ramadan

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Muslims all around the world have begun the countdown to Ramadan by planning, preparing, and scheduling. and, most importantly, they are calibrating themselves to prepare their mind, body, and spirit for the holy month. It’s not simple to get out of bed at three or four a.m. As a result, begin waking up early! The worst feeling is when Ramadan arrives and you oversleep and miss suhoor (breakfast), leaving you and the family to survive the day on yesterday night’s meal. And for that ladies are more responsible. Here are a few tips for ladies to get ready for Ramadan, so that they can tackle all the tasks efficiently.

Take a glance around any household, and you’ll notice that the ladies bear most of the tasks and burdens during Ramadan and other times. She has to plan and prepare meals, as well as do the customary activities like cooking, cleaning and caring for the children and the elderly, all while fasting. She also has to schedule tasks and her routine to include time for ibadah. If she’s a working woman, things get even more difficult.

Get ready for Ramadan mentally and physically.

It all comes down to time management, preparation, and endurance. It’s possible that you won’t be able to switch to Ramadan mode after going through the same routine every day with the same responsibilities and chores. To do this, one needs mentally and physically prepare.

Every deed has a Niyaah, which the Almighty constantly assesses for purity or genuineness. As a result, the intention behind any action is crucial for Muslims.

Plan and schedule how you will do the duties and chores, as well as your work.  If you are a working woman, plan smartly in order to finish work without overworking yourself. Stop attempting to be a superwoman.

A multitasking miracle woman who is both a mother and a career woman, handling multiple jobs with ease and skill, isn’t always helpful. While it motivates and inspires you to perform better, it also puts pressure on you to push yourself harder, which may be stressful and depleting.

There’s nothing wrong with thanking oneself every now and again for doing a fantastic job on a daily basis. But keep in mind that you, too, are a human. You may be tired, forget things, want to take a break, or desire to put things off. It’s all OK. It’s preferable to be practical and create a plan that corresponds to your abilities and expertise.

During Ramadan, women are generally overburdened with home chores, leaving little time for ibadah(acts of worship). They spend the entire day doing housework, cleaning, preparing, and serving meals for iftar, as well as other duties, and are frequently weary, drowsy, and bathed in sweat by the time the azan (adhan) is announced.

Ramazan is time to remember Allah

 Though performing household tasks efficiently during Ramazan is also one of the greatest Ibadah, it is also a time to remember Allah by providing salah and performing dhikr whenever possible. So, divide your time for everything without getting frustrated and tired. Men and children who have had plenty of time to pray and perform acts of ibadah wait to be served at the table. So the priority is to serve them first at your best. Islam has defined that performing your duties with honesty is also a great Ibadah(worship).

Ramadan is not only a time to prepare lavish meals for your family every day, but it is also a time to remember Allah by providing salah and performing dhikr whenever possible. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect on oneself, ask for pardon, and seek the Almighty’s blessings for the future. The holy month is also a time for family and friends to get together.

Planning and cooking meals ahead of time

This is easier said than done for most women in traditional households. Planning and cooking meals ahead of time, as well as filling the refrigerator with important products, can make daily duties easier, allow you to make alterations as needed, and allow you to shuffle your meal plans if necessary.

This will allow you to make time for ibadah and make the most of the holy month. In addition to having enough sleep or rest, your health will benefit. Allowing other family members to know that you, too, must devote time to ibadah will help them become more aware of and appreciate its significance.

Why not consider sharing the responsibilities if at all possible?

Men can share the workload to relieve women of the strain of household tasks. It is necessary to adjust one’s thinking. Only then will we be able to abolish patriarchal society’s gender norms, rituals, and traditions. And it all starts at home. Everyone can participate in Ramadan. Women should be given the same amount of time for ibadah as males. Only then would they be able to sense Ramadan’s essence and spirit.

Working women would benefit greatly from organizing and working out a timetable with their bosses and coworkers that fits in with their Ramadan habits.

Persuading Kids towards Prayers

Young children must be reminded of the prayer times and persuaded to perform their salah and Quran recital. It’s extremely enjoyable when you spend time with them, explaining the purpose and advantages of Ramadan, fasting, and offering the salah on a daily basis.

When you give your prayers, you can entice them to join in. It’s also useful to tell kids stories from the Quran and Hadith, which will pique their interest while also broadening their knowledge and inspiring them.

Ramadan is all about self-improvement

Ramadan is all about self-improvement (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.) So why not make the most of the month by learning a new skill? Yes! Because due to changes in daily routine life, people may get more time to learn new skills. Enroll in Arabic classes. Make a workout schedule. Begin keeping a journal etc.

Ramzan is a form of intermittent fasting which is best for Weight loss. Ladies and Gents who want to lose weight, it is the best time. Besides fasting, eating ketogenic foods will definitely help them to get the required figure. So get ready for Ramadan because it is all about self-improvement.

Believe in Allah’s blessing and reward

Aside from feeling helpless and physically exhausted, it is common for women to be dissatisfied since they are not always able to devote as much time to Ibadah as they would like Don’t be that way. Make use of the opportunity to pray, contemplate, and prepare for the day ahead. It will undoubtedly be worthwhile!

Everything, including your intentions, is seen and heard by Allah SWT.

So, why should you be concerned? Take advantage of the holy month to the fullest and leave the rest to God. May Allah SWT make everything simpler for us.

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